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Inattentional Blindness, February 2014
Artist and activist Aylin Tekiner focuses on the information that is produced through the various political manipulation techniques and means as well as their reflection on the collective perception fields. She opens up discussions about the embedded and manipulated political history of the geography that she lives on, by using the tools of language. In her texts, she uses the aesthetics of story telling, official history, college books as well as news reports, considering them as areas where language modifies society via manipulating collective histories. By deconstructing the available information and using the tools of the existing power mechanisms, she attempts at turning the invisible and forgotten visible. At the trilogy Scent/Sorrow/Exiled, specifically produced for the Inattentional Blindness exhibition project, Tekiner focuses on three massacres that have taken place at the recent history of Turkey: Halepce, Roboski and Sivas. While examining on the fresh memories of these unfortunate incidents, Tekiner uses the monitors as digital books, reconstructing and deconstructing the historical facts from various approaches.